Thursday, July 21, 2016

BlackAdder Quote of the Day

**My last post to this blog was more than three years ago.  woof.  it may be the wine talking but i'm hoping to add a new thing every few days.**
I’ve kept cards and letters since I was a little kid.  The oldest personal mail I have is from 1974.   For the last month I’ve been reading through old correspondence.  In an effort to fit in my apartment I’m trying to pare down my stuff.  The idea is that I’d read some letters and consign them to the bin.  I’m going to post a few of them here and then either send them to the pals/family members who wrote them all those years ago or shred them.
There is hilarious, embarrassing, and distasteful content particularly in the high school letters.  I will post the expurgated versions with select names withheld to keep from damaging anyone’s blossoming career in politics or child care.

This first short entry is a short excerpt from a letter from my friend, sc, who was living in San Francisco.  He used to end his letters with a BlackAdder Quote of the Day.  This letter. dated June 8, 1994, didn't have one so i'll add my own at the end of the post.  :)

"After the DMV I went up to Haight Street and walked around for awhile.  I had been there once before.  When Beth and I came down for the Sugar concert, we went to Haight first.  I browsed through the record stores for awhile.  It was fun but in the Rough Trade store I overheard a very strange conversation.  I was standing at a rack, thumbing through some used CDs and thre was a young woman who looked like Courtney Love’s younger sister standing next to me, browsing.  Suddenly another woman came up from behind, tapped her on the shoulder and said, “Hi, Eve!”  the rest of the conversation went as follows:

 Eve:  “Oh, hi Shannon.”
 Shannon:  “Where have been?  I haven’t see you in awhile.”
 Eve:  “I’ve been in a mental hospital.  I tried to kill myself.”
 Shannon:  “Oh my God, girl!  Don’t do it, it’s not worth it!”
 Eve:  “I know.  So what’s up with you?”
 Shannon:  “Well I’m going to get a job as a stripper. 
                      That way I’ll feel better  about life and 
                      men – because I’ll be degrading them.”

I didn’t catch much of the rest of the conversation and I never saw what Shannon looked like because I was afraid that if I turned around to look at her I would be degraded."

BlackAdder Quote of the Day:
"I'm as poor as a church mouse who's just had an enormous tax bill on the very day his wife has run off with another mouse, taking all the cheese."

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Of Mice and Men

***this unmailed letter has been floating around my desk for years now.  this morning i determined to post it here then consign it to the recycling bin. ***

Weds 11.25.2009 - just before 6pm
It's the weds night before Thanksgiving.  I am holed up @ Silver Lake Coffee trying to wait out the stupid stupid rush hour/holiday traffic.
I got off work early (woo!) and was full of intent & motivation.  I had 2 goals: 1: visit Sew-LA for some sewing goods, and 2) hit the Glendale Galleria for my twice yearly cosmetics & sock purchasing rip.  (this is the last possible mall visiting day of the year for me.  Thanksgiving -> January are black out dates.)  Stop 1:  I spent some quality time @ the fabric store choosing buttons to put on a dress I'm making (went with 9 small, square purple buttons.  Pretty damn cute. :) ), got a few yards of muslin to use in practicing making a fitted skirt, a hip curve for...drawing hip curves in patterns, and a jaw-droppingly adorable pattern for a bunny toy. (really good.)
As I left the shop, all mall plans were off.  My sewing mojo was cooking.  shifted plans to stop at The Rad Beer Store & bank instead.  Commute traffic along Silver Lake Blvd is notoriously slow:  1 lane each way, lights, etc.  I took an untried residential detour in an effort to circumvent it.  At a crucial crossroads I opted to go back down to SL Blvd just past the traffic.  Well.  Here the title of a Steinbeck novel comes to mind... Tonight there is no point "past traffic."  To get from point A to point B, a distance that one might cover in 3 min by car, it took me 15 min.  or maybe 45.  I don't know.  It was just slooooowww.  When I got to the light @ Glendale Ave (a left turn to take me home) I saw the traffic socked in - 2 lanes wide.  I uttered an expletive, kept straight, I worked my way to this cafe.  I had no cash, no knitting, no writing paper.  I went thru my glovebox & scrounged up some stuff to write on.  (Hence, this brochure :) ).  I'm hopeful that one hour here will be enough time for the residential streets to clear.  Perhaps everyone will be on the highway by that time.  The bummer is that i'd really like to be @ home sewing.  We'll see where my mojo level is when i get home.  (I might just go grab that bunny pattern out of the car to read...

***the letter ends there without the close-parens.  nothing like the frustration of not being able to ride the wave of motivation.
yesterday morning i was going through a stack of postcards and come across one that i'd written to my friend md in oregon last may.  i put it in the mail without any note about the delay.  the card was about getting my new car and having a new basket put on my bike.  the car is still fabulous.  the bike basket is too heavy, though and has shifted the balance of the bike.  i had a bit of a accident, not a crash but i still ended up bleeding and have some cool scars that will forever end my career as a foot model.  still trying to work things out with my bike.  i don't want it to gather dust this spring.***

Friday, January 18, 2013

Rad Thing of the Day: Trifecta!

Skip the add for the mp3s and this page is all love:  kelly hogan writing about lynda barry next to the artwork for the new yo la tengo album.

two nights ago i was thinking about lynda barry.  can't remember what brought her to mind.  i might have been looking at some of her books on the shelf.  as i am meant to be cutting in "impressionistic sound effects" to play against slow motion footage of someone shooting craps i will leave off with my commentary and post this link to ms. hogan's piece on lynda barry over at magnet magazine.

kelly hogan is guest editing at magnet and has written about 10 pieces as of this post (don't look to me for accuracy on this one, i counted as i scrolled down this page of essays! bonus link!)

 here is where you see the 3 other posts mentioning l. barry on this blog..

fun facts:  kelly hogan's album "i like to keep myself in pain" is my most listened to album this year.
snack of note:  double cappuccino
t-shirt of note: the hideout
and: the new yo la tengo album is stunning! love love love it
plans for tonight:  bernie worrell at the mint!

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

mission statement

how the weekend started:
my brother, sister and i having breakfast at Local.  they're sorting through a pile of our mom's mail trying to figure what is current.  my brother is sporting a Kiss t-shirt, my sister an epic tattoo.  she is also drinking a giant glass of milk.  old. school.
we were prepping to drive to visit our mom and come up with a plan to move her and her stuff to another town.
how it ended:
the next afternoon i was by myself at gingergrass.  having a coffee, sangria and a spot of lunch.  our plan didn't work out as we'd hoped.  disaster is an apt description.  still!  we came through the weekend resolved as ever and happy to have spent some time together even if it was full of drama & shenanigans.  i have only been home for the holidays twice since 1989 so we haven't spent much time together, the three of us.

¡vamanos los gigantes!

 since moving from the bay area a jillion years ago i don't get to attend many giants games.  b/c i live in territory hostile to them i don't get to see them on tv much.  i love watching baseball.  love watching players getting into their batting stances, the pitching motion of guys on the mound, the throws, and the way they wear their uniforms (pants vs. sanitaries, buttoned up or loose, etc) all of this to say that i have loved watching sergio romo pitch!  stripey socks to wiry beard, all badassery and enthusiasm.  i don't know who took this pic.  it was posted on the giants twit feed and i grabbed it.
and this:  this was taken after the last game in cincinatti when the giants beat the reds to win the division.  this pic of clean-cut looking posey & living-on-the-fringe wilson embodies what i adore about this team.  about the bay area.  again i don't know who took this pic. 

we are going to the world series!
(this will probably be the most sports-related i will get here.  i am in the glow of the big win last night AND i have a little free time.  this results in sports posts. )

Monday, October 15, 2012

2 blocks from the Quik Stop

i wanted to post something today.  just had a weekend full of family drama and theatrics.  the Lunts, we are not.  in lieu of that post i'm putting up this odd nugget from last june's road trip.  this street sign is at the intersection of the street i lived on as a kid and the street of my best friend.  i wish i'd driven the distance to her house from here to see how far it is in grown-up distance. 
california suffered a dry summer so this neighborhood may be less green than it usually is but it still felt grim compared to when i lived there.  dirt yards, dead plants.
i wonder how many times i crossed the street at this intersection or rounded this corner on my way to michelle's house, or coming home from there (running so i wouldn't be late for dinner).
how many times did i make that trip carrying records? archie comics? elton john cassette tapes?

o! the stats of youth!

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

inaugral! road trip edition

in the time since my last job there have been significant changes in my home life.  the easiest to identify is that i am no longer driving the blue accord but have replaced it with something new!

while the old accord was dependable around town, it had been 6 years since it was able to make a long trip.  the last time i'd driven it to the bay area the oil light came on near Casa de Fruita.  now that i've a car that is up for a road trip i impulsively decided to take a trip north to see family, friends and a bit of baseball.

took this pic just as i was ready to pull out of the driveway.  in evidence:  clothing, knitting bag, bag of cds, cooler tote filled with all the fruit left in my kitchen, bag of shoes.

last stops on the way out of town:  yuca's for tacos and cafecito organico for an americano and coffee beans.

not an enthralling entry, but a significant day for me. :)